Monday, July 25, 2011

July 24

Get outta bed!!
Needed to get out of the apartment today. Needed to be anywhere but inside. So I grabbed lunch at the nearest Togos and sat outside eating, listening to my iPod on shuffle, and reading. Let's just say THIS MAN and his new album are amazing. That is all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 23

Since I've got nothing for this day, I want to take a minute (or a post) out to congratulate my friend, who climbed Half Dome in Yosemite for the second time in a year. She and I, along with some other crazy friends, got a wild hair up our behinds last July and made the 14 hour trek up and back down the trail. For the record, I almost didn't make it up to the top of the rock. This is the girl who literally held my hand and talked me up with each and every step. No joke. This is my story, if you're ever-so-interested. So congrats to R, who made the ridiculous journey a SECOND time this past month. When asked if it was easier the second time around, she said it was scarier because she didn't have to concentrate on getting my pansy behind up the rock. My friends are rad.

July 22

Friggin back
So I hurt my back at CrossFit a few weeks ago. I did a lift wrong and ever-so-slightly arched my back. That was over three weeks ago and it still bothers me. Since I don't really want to mess with a back injury, I've been going to the chiropractor and staying away from the actual workouts at CrossFit. Which is killing me. Literally. So, instead of sitting around doing nothing, I've been rowing a 5K at the gym so that I can at least keep my endurance up. I'm glad to report that I rowed a 5K on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In those 3 days, I've cut a minute off my time, which, to me, is huge.

Monday's time = 24:31

Thursday's time = 23:34

July 21

No, I'm Mexican...
"...But I am partly Italian, " I said to the Mayor.
I spent the day at the pool with a friend. I really don't need to get any darker than I already am. You see, I'm one of those people who go out in the sun and I turn black. It's fun for the first few times I'm out there, but then I get REALLY dark. I'm getting to the REALLY dark stage of my tan now. But I can't NOT stay out of my bathing suit and near water. I love the summer because of the weather. I love to be near water. It's part of who I am. So I guess I'll just wear a hat to protect my face and a ton of sunblock to try and minimize the cancer.

Notice the almost-black shoulders

July 20

Baby Cheeks
I'm really slackin on taking pictures. However, I'm pretty sure that on this day, my Baby Cheeks said, "Aunt Brandi." Although it sounded a lot like, "Happen," my parents swear that she's been saying it a lot and that they know it's my name. So here's an oldie, dedicated to my Baby Cheeks, who has stopped being stubborn (for the time being) and FINALLY knows who I am. Phew. Oh, and she gives high fives, especially when she poops in the toilet. It's kind of a big deal to us grown-ups.

July 19

Me vs. the couch
Pretty sure I spent the day on the couch so I'll provide you with yet another one of my favorite moments from the DMB show in Chicago. Apparently he's played this song a few times, but I had never heard it until this show. Here's the actual song from the show by someone who could actually film close up.

July 18

A whole lotta busy
I ran a ton of errands on this day and really have nothing important to announce here. So instead, I will post the videos I took of parts of one of my favorite DMB songs that he FINALLY played for me (yup, alllllllll for me) at the Chicago show. One of his best. songs. ever.

Warehouse opening

Warehouse chorus (bouncy, because I was groovin)